Frequently asked questions

What are community benefits?

“Community benefits” are the method by which local communities and good causes are encouraged to receive additional social value from the supply chain of businesses delivering publicly funded contracts and developments.

To find out more, visit What are Community Benefits?

Can I count an offer/request to existing community benefit commitments?

If you plan to count any activities through ESES Communities to existing community benefit obligations with local authorities, the NHS or any other public body you must check with them in advance as to whether these are permissable and agree the potential points value of those in advance. 

What can our business gain from community benefits?

Community benefits are now mandatory to consider in procurements from public funding across Scotland. Developing your understanding of community benefits may therefore be beneficial to your organisation in successfully bidding for and fulfilling agreed outcomes within any contracts.

Additionally it is also important that businesses receive recognition for their goodwill. This in turn can be beneficial to public perception and boost staff morale.

With the consent of both parties, all delivered community benefits and matches made will be featured on the website and acknowledged through social media. Where appropriate, acknowledgement may also extend to events-based or print media.

How can smaller businesses deliver community benefits?

Whilst many examples of community benefits tend to be linked with high-spending public sector contracts, this doesn’t always need to be the case.

There also doesn’t need to be a significant monetary or resource-based burden on your business. Examples could include small donations of surplus items, staff providing a few hours volunteering, allowing a community group to use your meeting space or a small contribution to a charity raffle or event.

Community organisations could equally benefit from skilled employee time – e.g. advice from customer service staff, facilities, IT or finance professionals.

Are there any training events or resources to help businesses with community benefits?

The Supplier Development Programme hosts various relevant resources and regular events which often cover community benefits. Information on these can be found at

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for “Meet the Buyer” events, which local authorities and other organisations hold from time-to-time to discuss their requirements in more detail.

What is the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal (ESES CRD)?

The Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal (ESES CRD) is a £1.3 billion investment from the Scottish and UK governments to accelerate growth, create new economic opportunities, and meaningful new jobs that will help to reduce inequalities. To find out more, visit About or the main website.

Who maintains the ESES Communities website?

This website is administrated by Capital City Partnership – an arms-length external organisation of the City of Edinburgh Council which is leading on the Integrated Employer Engagement strand of the ESES CRD.

How can I complain?

Details of our complaints policy can be found here – and enquiries may be directed by contacting us in the first instance.