I'm new to community benefits

“Community benefits” are the method by which local communities and good causes are encouraged to receive additional social value from the supply chain of businesses delivering publicly funded contracts and developments.

Community benefits are now mandatory to consider in procurements from public funding across Scotland, with businesses encouraged to make positive contributions to those living in the region and promote sustainable operations.

Central to the community benefits strategy under the ESES CRD is to develop the understanding of community benefits amongst not only those hoping to receive benefit, but also amongst businesses of all sizes and industries in the areas.

Support to facilitate community benefits and good deeds is available to all businesses in the region – regardless of whether they are in the ESES CRD supply chain.

This could include enterprises obligated to deliver community benefits under any other public sector spending in the area – but also to those in no public sector supply chains but wishing to positively benefit communities and causes locally through good deeds.

Developing an understanding of community benefits can be beneficial to your organisation in a number of ways – not least in successfully tendering for and fulfilling public sector contracts.

If you plan to count any activities through ESES Communities to existing community benefit obligations with local authorities, the NHS or any other public body you must check with them in advance as to whether these are permissable and agree the potential points value of those in advance. 

As part of the strategy, it is also our intention to hold collaborative events and develop further resources targeted at helping businesses to better understand community benefits. Further information will be posted on the News & Events [hyperlinked] section of this website. Given the current Covid 19 situation we anticipate this will include a blended approach of initially digital and in due course events on the ground.

The Supplier Development Programme also host a number of resources and regular events, information on which can be found at https://www.sdpscotland.co.uk/. Signposting to further information can be found on the “For Business” section of our website.

For more information, please contact us.