Managing Expectations aims to provide a forum matching local businesses, public spending and good causes – developing understanding of community benefits across communities and business.

However, we would always stress the importance of managing expectations when submitting requests. Those submitting requests should not rely on the availability of a business able to fulfil your need.

This is particularly likely to be the case where a request is made for monetary donations. Whilst in some instances suppliers and businesses may make small financial contributions towards the cost of a particular item or activity, requests for in-kind support are likely to have a higher chance of success. 

Suppliers and businesses registering with the portal will be directed to live requests in the first instance. However they may instead have a very particular, single offering which does not meet your requirements.

Therefore, charities and community groups are still encouraged to continue exploring traditional avenues of public and grant fundraising.

In addition, organisations may only have up to 3 live requests in a local authority area at any one time.


The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic upon the finances, staffing and restriction-compliant working practices of businesses is likely to affect their ability to make certain types of offers for the foreseeable future.

Our team will continue to assess the situation and promote safe practice for all stakeholders.