Impact Arts & Sir Robert McAlpine

11 Dec 2023

The ESES Communities Team are working closely with Sir Robert McAlpine’s (SRM) Social Value Team and uses their local knowledge to ensure Social Value work makes a positive impact. When SRM began the demolition phase of their work on the Dunard Centre, their Social Value Team were keen to get started, and one of the organisations the ESES Team introduced them to was Impact Arts. 

Project: The Dunard Centre is funded through substantial philanthropic donations and underpinned by £25 million support from the Scottish and UK governments and the City of Edinburgh Council as part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.  

IMPACT Scotland is leading the project to deliver this exciting new venue in the heart of Edinburgh, and Sir Robert McAlpine has been appointed to manage this project. 

When Impact Arts learned the Dunard Centre was in its demolition phase, they were keen to hear more. They knew this would fit nicely with a built heritage / environmental sustainability theme they were working on with their Impactful Starts group. 

On 4th October 2023, Zoe Henretty, a Civil Engineer who is working at the Dunard Centre for Sir Robert McAlpine visited the Impactful Starts group at their city centre hub in Edinburgh. After the visit, Sarah Stinear, the Youth Worker on this project, said: “Zoe was fantastic; it gave us all a great insight into the world of construction and the opportunities within and has given us inspiration for our project.”

Image from left to right: Sarah Stinear, Youth Worker – Impact Arts, Zoe Henretty, Civil Engineer – SRM, Steven Travers, Youth Worker – Impact Arts.

The group enjoyed talking to Zoe and sharing their ideas. Her visit opened their eyes to the range of opportunities available in the construction industry and encouraged these young people to think more positively about their future. 

Impact Arts strives to tackle inequalities in Scotland; they specialise in using the arts to tackle inequalities and to excite, involve and create meaningful impacts for the people and communities they work with. Their Impactful Starts project is a 12-week programme for young people aged 16+ who are not in work, education or training. It uses the arts as a focus, and young people are supported to feel more confident and overcome some of the hurdles they may be facing. 

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